The first encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain

Crypviser is a disruptive, encrypted all-in-one network for social and business communication based on blockchain technology.

  • Total:15 000 000 CVCoin

    Crypviser Team:5 000 000 CVCoin

    Circulating Supply:8 157 653 CVCoin

  • Capitalization:1 992.450 BTC

The most secure solution!

The first encrypted unified cross-platform app on blockchain

The unbeatable security model of Crypviser is professionally designed to meet the highest standards of cryptography for securely storing and exchanging all kinds of data, including instant chats, voice and video calls, group calls (voice conferences) and more.

Crypviser simplifies and introduces a wide range of encrypted products for B2C and B2B markets, which up until now were only available to the biggest corporations, financial institutes, governments and secret services.

Extremely Secure

Unbeatable cryptography and security models based on the most reliable and modern encryption protocols and algorithms.

Blockchain Authentication

The patent-pending algorithms of true encryption keys authentication, based on blockchain technology, help protecting against identity theft and MITM attacks.

Unified Solution

The Crypviser network as a unified, all-in-one solution provides all necessary features and capabilities for social and business communication, such as secure instant messaging (chats), audio and video calls, photo/video and file sharing, group calls (voice conferences) and more.

Local Security

An independent encrypted local storage on the user’s device allows to securely store all kinds of sensitive data and protect them from data loss due to physical damage or malicious software.

Trusted Finance

Integrated crypto wallet in the Crypviser app, allows to safely keep, manage and transfer amounts through the CVPay system. CVPay is a secure, anonymous and fast money transfer system.


CVCoin is a unique crypto-token designed for the new generation of encrypted instant communication networks

The main purpose of CVCoin is covering charges of blockchain transactions for authentication purposes, to authorize and identify the users’ public encryption keys, to ensure the highest level of security within the encrypted network. Public key authentication is the most important stage in every cryptography model to ensure that the keys belong to the real owner.

Through disruptive blockchain-based transactions, Crypviser provides genuine encryption key identification to prevent any kind of manipulation, interceptions and “man-in-the-middle” (MITM) attacks on all communication levels.

CVCoin is the world’s first product-related cryptocurrency of state-of-the-art encryption technology. It allows users to pay for Crypviser services and monthly subscriptions anonymously, allowing them not to disclose payment information, such as credit card or bank account details.

CVCoins are available for sale on BTC, ETH and can be exchanged for a wide range of currencies provided by the ShapeShift exchange.

The initial exchange rate of CVCoin is related to the monthly basic subscription of the Crypviser network and equals 0,99 EUR for 1 CVCoin.

During the ICO campaign CVC can be purchased with attractive discounts of up to 25%.

After the market launch of the Crypviser network your purchased coins can then be sold to other Crypviser customers at nominal exchange rate.

Upon completion of the ICO campaign, CVCoin will become available on all main stock markets.

At the market launch CVC are going to be introduced as the currency of the Crypviser network.

In the future our team is working on CVC to become a reliable unit of money exchange on established global e-commerce platforms.

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20 May 2017 - 30 June 2017

Investment approach

All participants of the ICO campaign have the great opportunity to invest in CVCoins now. During the public ICO campaign CVCoins will be available with discounts up to 25%. After the market launch of the Crypviser network your purchased coins can then be sold through your web account to further users, with profit margins of up to 25% or exchanged on public stock markets.


    Get invited to participate in the beta testing phase and be one of the first customers to enjoy Crypviser services.


    VIP status for your account and free access to some special and hidden features.


    Free and unlimited transfers of CVCoins without a transaction fee between users of the CVPay system within the purchased amount.


    As participant of the ICO campaign you receive a promo code. That code can be used to be rewarded with commissions for recruiting new customers.

easy and secure transfers


CVPay allows unlimited, fast and secure CVCoin transfers between users regardless of their location and residency.
Since the CVPay system is integrated into the Crypviser App, sending CVCoin is as simple as sharing a photo.
  • Secure
  • Anonymous
  • Instant
  • Reliable
    • 07JULY


      Issuing CVCoin and its distribution to the participants wallets.

    • 15JULY


      Start of the alpha-testing phase of B2C Crypviser app for Android and iOS platforms. The app will be distributed through the private Crypviser Store.

    • 11-31JULY


      Preparing network infrastructure and environment for launching the closed beta-version and commercial stages.

    • 01-31AUGUST


      Launch of the Crypviser network for the public in fully-featured beta-phase.



      Official public announcement and launch of the Crypviser network at an event in Germany!



      Official launch of the most secure communication solution for private entities and enterprises available at today’s commercial market! Crypviser apps will become officially available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

ICO funds consumption plan

  •   55% Mobile Development
  •   15% Backend Development
  •   10% Infrastructure
  •   7% Licensing fees
  •   5% Operational costs
  •   5% Marketing
  •   3% Legal services


The founder CEO/CTO


Mr. Andryan has been awarded the CCNA and CCNP degrees of IT security and cryptography.

The founder has broad experience and knowledge in computer security and data encryption fields. He has worked in government and military projects focusing on cyber-security and social engineering.

Since 2007 he has founded several telecommunication companies that are still successfully operating in several countries.

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In 2013, Mr. Andryan decided to bundle his extensive technical and business expertise, which he has accumulated over more than 10 years, in the development of the innovative Crypviser project.

Today, he is Chief Architect of Crypviser's cryptographic and security models. He currently employs a team of seven highly qualified cryptography professionals.

Vadim lives in Dusseldorf, Germany.

CO – founder, director


Mr. Konradi has extensive practical experience in the telecommunication industry. In 2004, he started at Euphony GmbH as Sales Manager.

Since April 2008 until 2009 he managed the IT company enete GmbH as Executive Director.

Due to strategic thinking and strong leadership skills, Waldemar Konradi proved himself as fitting Executive Manager for Crypviser.

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In 2015 he became co–founder and since February 2016 he has been appointed as Executive Director.

He lives in Germany, Rhineland-Pfalz area.

CO - owner, investor


From the year 2000 until today Mr. Schütz has successfully invested in various projects. Since 2015 Mr. Schütz is co-owner and main investor of the Crypviser company.

He supports the idea and remarkable values of Crypviser project which perfectly fit his lifestyle and character.

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The lead developer


Software engineer, leading Android developer

Victor’s work and hobby is coding and software development. He approaches his work very seriously, and focuses on the development of mobile devices kernel. Mr. Gubin has created a wide range of well-known applications between participants of several online-communities, such as the 4PDA developers forum.

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The most notable among his works are


PPM Control –

Lown –

WLauncher –

In 2013, she founded the “FMD” community of professional Android enthusiasts –

Business consultant, Coach


Dmitriy Vaisband is licensed business expert of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in Germany, as part of the KfW banking group. With more than ten years of experience Mr. Vaisband works as consultant in running, strategic planning and management of startups.

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During his time of professional activity he participated in founding and successfully developing more than 150 companies such as:


For more information visit his webpage at:

Legal Service


Responsible for legal management, conflict management and public relations

From 2006 to 2008 he studied law at the University of Marburg in Germany. In 2011 he deepened his knowledge in international and European law. The following year in 2012 he successfully graduated from Heinrich-Heine Universität in Düsseldorf.

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From the earliest days, Mr. Sidorov proved himself as a great professional and has demonstrated quality skills in the ability to negotiate, support for public relations and the resolution of any difficult situations without reputation risks for the company.

Escrow team

Bitshares Foundation

Ronald Kramer

Ronald Kramer has a passion for virtual currencies such as bitcoin, derivatives and the underlying technologies behind them, including blockchain data structures, smart contracts and distributed consensus systems

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Ronald believes that these new ways of putting the technologies together will change the world of business, reminiscent of how the internet changed distribution of information. Ronald consults business, helping them understand the implications of blockchain technology.

Openledger Aps

Ronny Boesing

Ronny Boesing is the Founder and CEO of OpenLedger ApS (, the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate.

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Known as OpenLedger DC (Decentralized Conglomerate), the platform supports an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger DEX and OpenLedger’s Crowdfunding Services.

With a reputation as a savvy internet marketer and financial geek, Ronny has always been inspired by people who dare to go where others won’t – in other words, a pioneer. Inspired by the persistence, drive and passion behind the crypto-pioneers, he was driven to learn all about cyptocurrency, eventually leading to the creation of OpenLedger DC. He most recently resigned his position of CEO of Coinsbank to concentrate full time on OpenLedger’s future, but is making time to serve on the Official BitShares Committee Board.

Our partners


CrypViser: Ein Messenger-Dienst zur richtigen Zeit

Der kryptografisch gesicherte Messenger-Dienst von CrypViser kommt rechtzeitig zur neuen Gesetzgebung in Deutschland, die es der Polizei und anderen Behörden erlaubt sich in Messenger-Dienste zu hacken.

CVCoin ICO for Crypviser – Social & Business Blockchain Network

Below you will find a rundown of Crypviser’s CVCoin ICO which is taking place until June 30, 2017. The company plans to introduce its alpha testing phase in July 2017, with public beta testing starting in August. By September 4, 2017, they hope to launch their full platform to the public. That platform will provide secure communications for private entities and enterprises.


Last Thursday, the German parliament voted into law a bill that would allow the police and other government entities to hack into encrypted messaging services like Signal and WhatsApp during certain criminal investigations. The new law gives authorities broad access to users’ private communications, prompting increased concern over privacy issues.

Initial Coin Offering: Crypviser

CrypViser is a global, innovative and a secure disruptive, encrypted all-in-one communications network for individual investors and corporate businesses. The platform is based on advanced encryption technology to achieve the highest standards of security and privacy.

Are Your Chats Really Private? Reasons to Switch to Blockchain-Based Messenger

In a time of increasing uncertainty about communications security, one blockchain based initiative is attempting to set the wrongs right. To not read other people’s mail is a basic courtesy and, of course, good manners. It is also the right thing to do and we teach it to young children all the time. However, when it comes to online communications, almost all governments want to read your email and look into your chats.

In Era of Snooping, We Need Unblockable, Impenetrable and Strong Messenger

While traditional messengers have been falling like dominoes, we need a strong messenger platform like Crypviser that can protect us from prying eyes.

A Look at Crypviser Messenger

Home News Crypto A Look at Crypviser Messenger A Look at Crypviser Messenger Dariusz June 20, 2017 Crypto, News crypviser encrypted messenger Tweet Share56 +11 Share1 Pin Shares 58 One of the appeals that many cryptocurrency users and traders see in these digital assets is the added privacy that goes along with them. This is the same reason why there are countless posts on various cryptocurrency forums bemoaning the need for extensive identification to verify accounts on exchanges. It seems like you either have to only trade small amounts, be subjected to higher fees, or sacrifice much of your privacy. Sometimes it can be all three.

Conheça a plataforma de comunicação criptografada Crypviser

Você considera importante proteger sua privacidade? Se sim, então você precisa conhecer a Crypviser, que garante troca de informações seguras baseadas na…